MacBook Air - Index

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AC plug 10
AC power adapter. See power


AC power cord 10
AppleCare 50
application freeze 39

Apple Hardware Test 46
FaceTime 23
force quitting 39
iLife 34
installing 15
Migration Assistant 12
Network Setup Assistant 47
Photo Booth 23
System Information 50



charging 32
disposal 67
location 23
performance 32
storing 60

blinking question mark 40
brightness keys 25

built-in speaker 23
button, power 11, 25


carrying your computer 59

System Preferences 14
the desktop 14

charging the battery 32

the display 60
your computer 60


disposing of 67
freezes 40
putting to sleep 18
shutting down 19
specifications 35
turning on 11
waking 19
won’t turn on 40

connection problems with

another computer 41

Control-click 29
cord, AC power 10


desktop, customizing 14

adjusting brightness 25
cleaning 60
goes black 41

display, external 27

See also screen

disposing of your computer 67
Dock 33
downloading software 49
DVD or CD Sharing

installing software 16
overview 17
with Windows computer 17


Energy Saver preferences 18
environmental impact 63
ergonomics 61


F1 to F12 function keys 25
FaceTime application 23
FaceTime video camera 23
Fast-forward key 25
flashing question mark 40
Force Quit 39

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Looking for Something?

four-finger pinching 31
four-finger swiping 31
frozen application 39
Function (fn) key 25


hand positions,

recommended 61

headphone port 27
Help Center 33
Help, finding answers 33
high-speed data transfer 27


iLife applications 34
installing DVD or CD Sharing

Setup 16

IP masquerading 48



ergonomics 61
features 24
illumination keys 25
shortcuts 29
See also keys


brightness 25
Function (fn) 25
keyboard illumination 25
Launchpad 25
media 25

Mission Control 25
Mute 25
volume control 25


Launchpad key 25


Mac App Store 35
Mac OS X Utilities

application 12

Mac OS X website 34
MagSafe power adapter.

See power adapter

MagSafe power port 27
media keys 25
microphone 27
Migration Assistant 12
Mini DisplayPort

technology 27

Mission Control key 25
mouse 27, 62

See also trackpad

Mute key 25


network address translation

(NAT) 48

Network Diagnostics 47
Network Setup Assistant 47


online resources 50
optical disc sharing. See DVD or

CD sharing


partner computer

connection problems 41
DVD or CD Sharing Setup

software 16

password, resetting 15
Photo Booth application 23
pinching to zoom 30
Play/Pause key 25
plug, AC 10

headphone 27
MagSafe power 27
SD card slot 27
Thunderbolt 27
USB 2.0 27

power adapter

port 27
safety information 55
safety tips 55
setup 10

power button 11, 25
problems. See troubleshooting
putting your computer to

sleep 18

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Looking for Something?


question mark, flashing 40
quitting an application 39


Remote Disc 17, 18
resetting password 15
Rewind key 25
right-clicking 29
rotating objects using

trackpad 30



general instructions 54
handling information 59
important information 8
power adapter 55

screen. See display
scrolling with two fingers 28
SD card slot 27
secondary-clicking 29
serial number, locating 52
service and support 50
Setup Assistant 12
shared optical disc 17
sharing files 17
shutting down 19
sleep mode 18

installing DVD or CD

sharing 16

updating 49

Software Update

preferences 49

speakers 23
specifications 35

an application 39
the computer 19

storing your computer 60
support contact

information 50

System Information 50
System Preferences

customizing the desktop 14
Energy Saver 18
Software Update 49


three-finger swiping 31
Thunderbolt port 27

pinching 30
rotating 30
scrolling 28
zooming 30


AirPort 48
AppleCare 50
computer freezes 40
computer won’t turn on 40
connecting to partner

computer 41

display goes black 41
hardware problems 46
pointer won’t move 39
service and support 50
using AirPort 48
using Help Center 33, 50
Wi-Fi 48

turning on your computer 11
two-finger pinching 30
two-finger rotating 30
typing position 61


updating software 49

connections 35
ports 27


video camera indicator light


video port 27
volume control keys 25


waking your computer 19
Wi-Fi troubleshooting 48


zooming using the

trackpad 30

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