MacBook Air - Learning More, Service, and Support

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Learning More, Service, and Support

Your MacBook Air does not have any user-serviceable or user-replaceable parts. If you
need service, contact Apple or take your MacBook Air to an Apple Authorized Service
Provider. You can find more information about your MacBook Air through online
resources, onscreen help, System Information, and Apple Hardware Test.

Online Resources
For online service and support information, go to and choose
your country from the pop-up menu. You can search the AppleCare Knowledge Base,
check for software updates, or get help from Apple’s discussion forums.

Onscreen Help
You can often find answers to your questions, as well as instructions and
troubleshooting information, in Help Center. Choose Help > Help Center.

System Information
To get information about your MacBook Air, use System Information. It shows you
what hardware and software is installed, the serial number and operating system
version, how much memory is installed, and more. To open System Information,
choose Apple () > About This Mac from the menu bar and then click More Info.

AppleCare Service and Support

Your MacBook Air comes with 90 days of technical support and one year of
hardware repair warranty coverage at an Apple Retail Store or an Apple-authorized
repair center, such as an Apple Authorized Service Provider. You can extend your
coverage by purchasing the AppleCare Protection Plan. For information, visit or visit the website address for your country
listed later in the section.

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Chapter 3

Problem, Meet Solution

If you need assistance, AppleCare telephone support representatives can help you
with installing and opening applications, and basic troubleshooting. Call the support
center number nearest you (the first 90 days are complimentary). Have the purchase
date and your MacBook Air serial number ready when you call.

Your 90 days of complimentary telephone support begins on the date of purchase.




United States



(61) 1-300-321-456

Canada (English)



(353) 1850 946 191

New Zealand


United Kingdom

(44) 0844 209 0611

Telephone numbers are subject to change, and local and national telephone rates may
apply. A complete list is available on the web:

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Chapter 3

Problem, Meet Solution