MacBook Air - Welcome

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Congratulations on purchasing a MacBook Air. Your MacBook Air is streamlined for
portability and a completely wireless experience. Read this chapter for help setting up
and using your MacBook Air.


If you know you won’t be migrating information from another Mac or Windows
computer (PC), and you’d like to get started using your MacBook Air right away,
you can follow the Setup Assistant to set up your MacBook Air quickly. For more
information, see page 12.


If you want to migrate information from another Mac or PC to your MacBook Air,
you can use Setup Assistant to specify the Mac or PC whose information you want to
transfer. For more information, see page 12.


After you set up your MacBook Air, if you want to get content from DVDs or CDs
onto your MacBook Air, you can set up one or more Macs or PCs to partner with your
MacBook Air. For more information, see page 15.

You can browse and download free or purchased applications from the Mac App Store,
which you can open from Launchpad or your Dock.


Read all the installation instructions (and the safety information starting on

page 54) carefully before you first use your MacBook Air.

Many answers to questions can be found on your MacBook Air in Help Center. For
information about using Help Center, see “Getting Answers” on page 33.
Apple may release new versions and updates to its system software, so the images
shown in this book may be slightly different from what you see onscreen.

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Chapter 1

Ready, Set Up, Go